Chris Farrell

Chris Farrell has been voted the best Internet marketer for 3 successive years. What is the reason of this position? What does he offer? Let’s see together.

Chris Farrell’s Bio:

Chris FarrellChris Farrell is a 42 years old English Internet marketer who lives today in Beverly Hills, California with his wife and 4 dogs. He started his business online in 2008 so, his career online is still young but he achieved in these 4 years what others can’t make in their entire life.

With no previous experience, Chris managed to reach $250/day within 6 months. His first $1000 day has come 3 months after that. After that specifically in August 2010 Chris Farrell has achieved $1 million in sales within just 24 hours with AffiliateDotCom in partnership with Mike Filsaime.

Chris Farrell’s products are mainly coaching programs. Chris is one of the people who are born to be teachers. He has a very calm smiley attitude that helps people to learn from him. He created many coaching programs and thousands of new comers to Internet marketing learn how to make their first online dollars from him. His best product is Chris Farrell Membership that was voted the best IM course for the last 3 years and I recommend this course for all my students and new comers to the online business world (you can get access to it from here).


Chris Farrell’s Product Portfolio:

12 Week Marketer:

This was a video webinar and training course arranged by Chris Farrell and Ken Walker. This course as obvious from its name consists of 12 weeks of coaching to help new marketers create their online businesses.

Affiliate Dot Com 1.0 and 2.0:

This is a home study course that costs $1997 created by Chris Farrell and Mike Filsaime. Again, this is a training course that covers in details and step by step blueprints what people need to make money online.

Create Your First Website by 3:45 this Afternoon:

This is a video course consists of video tutorials on how to create profitable one page mini-sites. The aim of these sites are to generate either direct sales to online and offline businesses or high opt-in rates to your email list.

Setup My Resell Rights:

This is membership site created by Chris in co-operation with Aaron Danker. The aim goal of this product is to teach members how to make use of PLR and MRR products and resell them to make high profits.

Internet Marketing Toolkit:

This is a training system created by Chris, Andrew Lock and Ryan Lee. These people are highly trusted and this course has powerful tips on profiting online.

Chris Farrell Membership:

This is the best of the best. As I said earlier I recommend it for new comers to online world. I’m preparing a detailed Chris Farrell Membership review that should be ready on this website soon (if you see a link to the review page then it is available now).

Chris Mentor Me:

There’s a separate post available on this website on this topic. Check my Chris Mentor Me Review now if you wanna know more about this system. It only opens one time every year so I’m not sure if it is reopened while you are reading this!

Mentoring Masterclass:

This is a special additional training system for Chris Farrell Membership members which is coming soon (I’m not sure if it would be sold separately). It is something like the “Next Level” of online business. Every marketer who wanna specialize in a specific marketing sub-niche he can join this course. There are separate courses according to what the members like to learn e.g.: email marketing masterclass, traffic masterclass, product creation masterclass and so on.


Is Chris Farrell a Scam?

After what you read above if you are still asking whether Chris Farrell is a scam or not, then my answer to you is NO, No and No 🙂

Chris Farrell is one of the best marketers online (he could be the best really). You can join his coaching programs with confidence that you will be on the correct way to start a real successful online business.



  1. thanks for the article in my opinion Chris is all real from the heart!

  2. archiles0898 says:

    i remember this guy at the time of totally i start learning, i really really like and idolized him. sir sorry for being lazy that time. you contribute a lot on me in this journey online… thank you..

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