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On February 21, 2013
Last modified:October 7, 2015


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Basic Info:

Product Name: Amazing Selling Machine

Type: Training Course, Software Tools and Community

Creators: Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback

Price: $4,997 (one payment) OR 4 payments of $1497 (i.e.: $1497/month for 4 months)

Launch Date: Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 at 1 pm and cart closes at midnight October 15th


Welcome ladies and gentleman to my newest review topic, this time we have a big launch that deserves more concentration than ever. Matt Clark; the guy known as “The Amazon Master” is back with a new system that was said to be one of the best products online in the last decade. What is this system all about? Why it is considered one of the best? Could this by anyway be a big scam? Is it easy for any one even a newbie to use it and make a fortune? This is what you are about to discover, just continue reading this review…


Who is Matt Clark?

Amazing Selling MachineI’ve already added a bio on Matt Clark in my Amazon Money Machine review, so if you wanna know more about him just visit that page.


Amazing Selling Machine Review:


Free Training Video Series:

Video 1: This is the first video in a series of 3 free videos that could sell as a course of those $97 courses. In this video after showing the proof of their income, Matt and Jason reveal their criteria and steps that summarize how to do business and find hot products on Amazon in 8 steps. These steps only can make a big difference over those who don’t use them. After watching the video, there’s an option to download a PDF guide of starting an Amazon selling business including choice of good products. Click here to watch video 1 now

Video 2: In this second video Matt illustrates how to use a free software they have developed called Profit Spotlight 3.0. This tool scans thousands of best selling Amazon products and find profitable ones. They will charge for this software after few days. Watch Video 2 and Access the Software for Free Now.

Google Hangout: In this hangout of the free training series, Matt and Jason are hosting successful members talking about launching a product to Amazon and what you need to do to rank it on top of Amazon to get the maximum possible sales. Click Here to Watch QA Hangout Now

Amazing Selling Machine Review


It is time to reveal the reality of Amazing Selling Machine and what is the difference between it and their earlier product “Amazon Money Machine”. Amazing selling machine package is divided into 4 parts:

Part 1: 8-Week Web Class:

This an 8-week or 8 modules web training that teaches members every tiny thing about the process of selling product on Amazon. I guess you know the Amazing Selling Machineskeleton or the main idea of this system from the free video series (go watch them from the above links if you didn’t). The idea again is to sell private label products provided by wholesale suppliers. This means you don’t need to create products, handle them or anything as this is all done by Amazon FBA. All you need to do is to pick the correct products, reach the Amazon buy box for the selected keywords and generate more traffic.

You will learn how to do each step of the above in details. You don’t have to guess as the entire course is a blueprint or step-by-step action plan that starts from day 1 of the course (which happens to be March 21st) and ends in the last day of 8th week. You can start with a small budget and scale everything up as you go. This training is suitable for both US and Non-US residents even those in the Amazon affiliate restricted states.

All the training materials will also be recorded and added to the members area in the form of short 10 minutes videos with PDFs and training guides.

In addition to this, there will be 8 weekly coaching calls by Matt, Jason and other experts.


Part 2: Software Tool Suite:

This is a package of 7 software tools that automate certain tasks to help you manage and scale your business. These are the same tools used by Matt and Jason themselves to help get top rankings, help with the automation of communicating with buyers, track product listing rankings within Amazon and much more.

Also, you need to know that these tools are web-based, so no need to download and install anything to your computer and so you can reach them from any place.


Part 3: Team of Mentors

Those are highly successful ASM members that offer one-on-one help to any member facing any problem or needing any help. In order for them to continue offering this service regularly, Matt and Jason have made a deal with those guys. So this service is now official for all members.


Part 4: Lifetime Membership To Exclusive Community:

This is an elite community of people like you. People who are serious about their business. Matt and Jason will be available as well in this community to share the knowledge and opportunities with members. Members of the Amazing Selling Machine community also will share ideas with one another. There will be some motivation strategies as well.


Now, what is the difference between Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) and Amazon Money Machine (AMM)?

The answer is very simple: First, AMM was the beta project of ASM. It was just members’ area videos not live 8 weeks training like this new version. Second, AMM lack parts 3 and 4 and most of part 2 of ASM. Actually, ASM is completely new course with 100% new training material.

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Cons of Amazing Selling Machine:

The only disadvantage I can find is the very high price. This ASM system costs either one payment of $4997 or 4 monthly installments of $1497. The system will be available only for 8 days. This is why you have no much time to think, one week and the opportunity will be gone.

For the sake of you and the high price, I’m offering some cool bonuses. You can check them here.

Now, it is time to make your decision and purchase the Amazing Selling Machine while it is still available. I’ve dealt with Matt and he is really legit and respectable person, so this is not a scam, it is a life-changing opportunity.

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  1. Is this course really going to cost $3,500? Shssh…. Not afraid to charge are they?

    • Yes, it really costs this amount of money but trust me it worth

      • So what is the difference between this course and their previous course the Amazon Money Machine?

        • This course is 8 weeks live training not just members area videos. More details when the review is ready. Just tell me all what you need to know to cover it in my review.

          • How well have you done since taking this course?

            I’m assuming you are not based in the US, so how easy was it for you to set yourself up with Amazon as a Non US Citizen?

          • I didn’t take this course till now, actually no body in the world has taken it as it is a live training that will start after the launch.
            But I can answer you about the second question, you can do this business with Amazon if you are from outside US or even if you are in the Amazon affiliate restricted states in the US.

  2. Are you going to provide any payment options?

  3. expensive!! their old product was $997, I don’t know how they think they can sell this for $3,500. Specially because it costs a few thousands to get the business running..

    • No, if you followed the prelaunch series you will find their advice of starting with small budget like $100 then reinvest after making some sales. Amazon Money Machine was the beta version, this time it is live training.

  4. R Schmidt says:

    After paying 3500.00 dollars, you won’t have any money left to source items. Obviously they they the requisite 50k per month cash flow needed to replicate those kinds of numbers.

  5. I have been excited about this for days. I saw that the other Amazon product that they had was around $1,000 and I figured that this one would be somewhere around that price. But $3,500??? They are out of their mind. Don’t they know that these are hard times right now. I was scratching my head trying to figure out how I was going to come up with around $1,000 which I figured this course would be. This just blows my mind. If they had a guarantee that I could make my money back and many large sums of money I would probably do it. Now I am extremely frustrated, even if they offer a payment plan this is too much to be charging. I know they said their consultant fees are like $5,000 to help other companies. I feel like they are being greedy…… :-/

    • Shawn,
      Rose I don’t blame you $3,500.00 is someones monthly income that’s a lot of money and there is no guarantee that you will make your investment back. Its a scary investment

      • Every successful businessman must take a risk at certain steps 😉 Here, the risk is even not that much as you have 30 days money-back guarantee and also you can use the 4 months payment plan.

  6. Offers of marketing wonders are a little hard to swallow. i do hope for all your sakes that this business model holds a true earning potential and not just inviting more people as your down liners. sounds remarkable like a pyramid scheme. but hey i am dubious could be real Upto you. good luck..

    • I did purchase this course and it has nothing to do with MLM or pyramid schemes. It is a course designed to train people how to leverage amazon to sell their own products on amazon. It also provides software tools to facilitate that process.

  7. Thanks for the bonus Sayed,

  8. Amazing Selling Machine is an awesome product. It opens opportunities for folks to be able to have their new age ebay store on amazon!

  9. Besides the cost of the course, how much would you really need to start this business?

    • You can start with even $100 depending on your product (you’ll learn to order a small test amount as a start from your supplier).

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