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On March 21, 2012
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Product Name: Amazon Money Machine

Type: Training Course + Software

Developers: Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback and Jason Potash

Price: $997 (Or $277/month for 4 months)

Launch Date: Amazon Money Machine is re-opening on Thursday, June 14th


Hello and welcome to my newest review of one of the most anticipated products in 2012 that is called Amazon Money Machine and developed by Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback and Jason Potash. What will you get when you purchase this system? How will it help you make money with Amazon and will it really help you? Continue reading my Amazon Money Machine review to know the answers for these questions and more, let’s go.


Who are Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback and Jason Potash?

Matt ClarkMatt Clark is a self employed entrepreneur who lives in Austin with his wife, you may have never heard of Matt but this is because he works underground specially on Amazon to achieve around $70.000 every month (this is the very same system you get in this course). Matt is also a health specialist who has a very successful business in the health market. He graduated from the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston (this is ranked #1 undergraduate entrepreneurship program in USA) so he is a well educated entrepreneur not just another self learning guru. He was chosen to speak in front of top internet marketers like Brendon Burchard (the New York Times bestselling author) in Underground 8 Marketing Seminar and his presentation on making money on Amazon was very impressive on all the attendants.

Jason Katzenback  Jason PotashJason Katzenback is a very successful internet marketer who started his online business back in 1990 so the guy has over 21 years of experience and to my knowledge it is a very powerful experience. He specializes in blogging and SEO as the main models of his business. He created many products and software whether alone or with his old-time partner Jason Potash who on the other hand is a master of joint venture business model to a degree allowed him to be called the Internet Joint Venture King. He invented many unique tactics that helped many online marketers and also developed many products alone. Some of the very successful products by Jason Katzenback and Jason Potash are Traffic Kaboom (that I personally use as a very powerful target in SEO world), Auto Traffic Buddy, Web 2 Mayhem, Blog Blueprint, Portal Feeder, Traffic Kahuna, PPC Kahuna, Syndicate Kahuna, Video Post Robot and many others that are beyond the scope of this review.

Amazon Money Machine

Amazon Money Machine Review:

Most of the affiliate pages you are going to visit promising you to get a real review but actually they have never checked the product and don’t even know what this is about. But unlike them I had an access to the members area of AMM and here’s a screen shot to prove that just to tell you that you are at the right place for a legitimate review:

Amazon Money Machine review


Now before we start our review and as I know time is money, I don’t wanna waste your time as before we continue you need to decide if this is for you or not. Amazon Money Machine is real for real marketers or at least for those who want to be real marketers not for people who run after the $37 scams that make no value or those who purchase one product after another and soon ask for a refund without even doing what is told inside such products. So, if you are ready for hard work to get the results you always wanted then continue reading but if you are one of those I mentioned then this is not for you.


Let’s get back to the Amazon Money Machine review, this product is one of the few completed products I’ve ever seen. This means that you only have to follow the steps illustrated by Matt Clark and you have no reason to start making real big money. The system is delivered in modules each of which is delivered in both video tutorials and PDF manuals to meet all tastes. There’s a special members only forum where you can meed Matt Clark and other members to share your ideas and get some advice. This comes with the Amazon Money Finder software that is designed to find hot opportunities to save you much time searching.

The first thing you should do after becoming a member is to download the checklist PDF to know the exact order you need to follow while going through different modules. This is crucial so don’t underestimate that.


I forgot to say that Amazon Money Machine is not to make money as an Amazon affiliate but this one is to be a seller on Amazon.


The first module is dedicated to Kindle (this is not a Kindle course). You learn in this module the exact methods used by Matt To create Kindle books and then sell them. You might think this is usual and many products have focused on this issue but the truth is that this one is different, you learn extra-ordinary tactics to get the job done.

Second module is for Drop-Shipping, in this module you learn how to sell drop shipped products on Amazon. You learn everything from the basics of drop-shipping going through the process of finding drop-shipped products to sell till they are already there running and kicking.

The third module is dedicated for Wholesale and PLR products and how you get the best of those, prepare them then sell them on Amazon. As all the modules you learn how to explode your products to make them on the top of marketplace in order to make you many sales.

The fourth module is designed for promotion, here you learn how to promote your products in ways you never though they exist. Very powerful methods guaranteed to make you the desired results if you followed the instructions carefully.

Fifth module is the SEO one and however Jason & Jason are SEO masters I didn’t like this module, I feel it weak and don’t cover how to reach top of search engines (this is of course to make more sales not as the main source of sales). This is why I created the second part of my bonus, see below.

There’s a bonus module where you receive additional help in different topics like outsourcing and what to do when you are suspended and more…

The methods discussed in this system are the exact methods used by Matt to make over $70K per month and this is the main strength of the system as it is proven to work unlike other products that authors put together some info without even trying it themselves.



Amazon Money Machine Bonus:


Bonus #1: $200 Amazon Gift Card

This is true!! You will get $200 back in the form of an Amazon gift card that you can use to purchase Kindle Fire or new mobile phone or even add some money and buy the new iPad 3 when it hits the markets. You can purchase anything you want from Amazon using this card (you can even give it to someone you care for as a gift).

N.B.: In case you want to buy something else via Clickbank using those $200 then I can purchase them for you too (it easy to arrange that).


Bonus #2: Special SEO Report

This is a special report I prepare to overcome the defect in the SEO module to let you know how to get top search engine rankings which mean more sales.


Bonus #3: Ordinary Bonus Package

You receive the 27 products announced on the bonus page here.

To claim your bonus just purchase Amazon Money Machine via this link then follow the instructions illustrated on the bonus page.

Of course these bonuses will be announced on the launch day so stay tuned as I promise it will deserve.


This was my Amazon Money Machine review and Amazon Money Machine bonus and it is your time to take an action now.

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