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Basic Info:

Product Name: Commission Commando

Type: Video tutorials + 2 software

Developers: Sean Donahoe

Price: $47 (Try to exit to get a discount)

Launch Date: Monday October 3rd, 2011


This post is dedicated to review the new product by Sean Donahoe which is Commission Commando, what is it exactly? And will it really increase your commissions? You’ll find the answers in this detailed Commission Commando review.


Who Is Sean Donahoe?

Sean Donahoe Sean Donahoe is a professional video marketer who started his business few years ago by creating reports and selling them on the warrior forum then after sometime he started to work outside the forum to succeed in many aspects of internet marketing and he is now an author, speaker and trainer of marketers. He is known as “The Maniac Marketer” and lately he launched many successful products like “Video Marketing Goldmine”, “Backlink Booster”,  “Video Assassin” and “Extreme Niche Empires” and he is also conquered the joint ventures world lately with a big success.


Commission Commando Review:

Before we go any further, here’s a screen shot from inside the member’s area of Commission Commando:

Commission Commando

This course is really one of the best courses I have seen in 2011 and maybe ever as it focuses on an untapped method of making money with social media in a step-by-step video tutorials so that you have everything shown to you in a manner that everyone can follow which is for all levels newbies and professional marketers. Before you continue reading you need to know that to succeed with this system you must take it seriously and work hard but if you are looking for a quick rich scheme then this one is not for you…

The Commission Commando system is divided into 10 video modules taking you step by step on all what you need to make income using Twitter and Facebook.

Module 1: What You are Going to Learn:

This is an overview of the entire system that shows you exactly what you are gonna learn in the next modules

Module 2: Getting Ready for Success:

This is an essential module in which you are prepared to the entire process with needed free sources that you need to download in order to use it for your advantage later. You will also learn how to get approved to Google AdSense program.

Module 3: Niche Commando:

This is the module where you are going to pick your niche using the “Niche Commando” software which is really cool with the video showing you some awesome tactics to find new hot niches.

Module 4: Commando Site Launcher:

This is a very powerful software that automates every step in building your site from choosing your domain and signing up with a hosting account if you don’t have one and then add these info and fill in some info to get your site ready to work. Here you need to know a very important thing, this is not an ordinary site, this is a specific kind of a site ready with Adsense ads and affiliate offers with installed theme and all necessary plugins.

Module 5: Customizing and Targeting:

In this video you’ll learn how to edit and add to your site in order to make it ready to launch and to make maximum profits.

Module 6: Activating the Awesomeness:

This is real take off of your site by doing some Twitter and Facebook tactics but I really can’t reveal this here as this is the core secret of the course but believe me, this is really powerful and you can use it with any site you have.

Module 7: Turbo Charged Promotion:

In this module you’ll start promoting your site and here you’ll learn very cool new tactics some of which are really new for me.

Module 8: Finalization and a Rocket Launch:

Now your site is ready to launch and here you will learn how to scale this process up to build many of these commando sites.

Module 9: Operation “Total Takeover”:

Here you will learn what to do in case you need to enlarge your business once you start making some money or you can do it on the spot if you have some money or you even can do it yourself, it’s all up to you really.

Module 10: Final Thoughts:

This is the last video in which Sean shares some ideas to move on.


These are the 10 video modules of Commission Commando, under each video you’ll find links to all the resources mentioned in the video whether to download or to visit. Also, there a really good support team that you can contact whenever you need either via live chat in the business hours or via support tickets.


Upsell 1: Advanced Training ($297—>$197):

This is  composed of 5 powerful modules:

Module 1: Twitter Commander:

This is a Twitter software that automates your twitter business and help you increase your followers automatically in a short time.

Module 2: Commando Commander “Merging Your Sites”:

This video shows you how to easily manage all your sites which is a real hard process when the number of your sites increase.

Module 3: List Building Masterclass:

You are supposed to be getting massive traffic now from your Commission Commando sites and instead of wasting them, you can entice them to subscribe to your email list and so you can promote your offers to them in the future. This is exactly what you learn here.

Module 4: Local Market Cash Cow:

In this video you will learn how to make excess money in local businesses.

Module 5: RSS Sniper:

This is a software that is used to get any links you have indexed.


Upsell 2: Fanpage Firestorm ($197—->$97):

A powerful software to automate the process of Facebook Fan Page creation powered by WordPress.

Upsell 3: Elite Commando Bootcamp ($97):

These are live webinars where Sean Donahoe is going to teach some strategies and answer any questions, these will be done over 8 bi-weekly sessions.



Commission Commando is a very powerful system that I highly recommend which utilizes the power of social media (mainly Twitter and Facebook) to make money via building commando sites using 2 software included with the system. You will get all the info you need to make this system work in detailed video tutorials supported with resources section where you find links for every resource mentioned in the videos. With this system you have no excuse to succeed as everything is detailed and you can make money either by affiliate offers or even Google AdSense.

This was my detailed Commission Commando Review and it’s your turn, go get it now…

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  1. Sean got some great products on the market, like extreme niche empire. So, I won’t be afraid to buy this new software.

  2. Christopher says:

    Sayed, Thanks for the comprehensive review. You provided the details I was looking for where your competitors left them out. I just have a couple of questions.

    Is the Commando Site Launcher & Niche Commando Software just for Windows machines, will it work on a Mac or is it web based and operating system neutral? Along those lines, you mentioned Fanpage Firestorm was powered by WordPress. Is this a WordPress plugin or is this a software that sits outside WordPress. If software, what’s the operating system?

    Is there enough in the core course ($47 offer) to run with or is this one of those products where you really need to get the upsell products to take advantage of this system?

    Thanks again for the review. I’m looking forward to to your reply to my questions. – Christopher

  3. Hello Christopher,

    For 1st question, here’s the answer from inside the members area:
    “Please note, this software is for Windows only. It can be ran on Mac using VMWare Fusion or Parallels.”
    Niche Commando is downloadable by the way while the site launcher is built-in
    For Fanpage Firestorm, I really can’t reveal the details but I’ll only say that you use WordPress admin area to build the fan page using their built in software.
    Yes, the front end product ($47) is a complete course that can be done alone (the upsells are mainly to automate some steps in the main course but you still can do all manually without the need to the upsells, it depends on your attitude)


  4. Just wondering if you actually did purchase this program or just rewrote another review.

    I am asking, because I did buy the program and notwithstanding a number of e-mails to the support team I still haven’t got the program working.

    The main issue being that the Niche commando application was not included in the initial download.

    I did get it from the members area subsquently , but any attempt to make it work and actually install the niche commando app. ( a very if not crucial component of the commission commando program) failed. I tried it on 3 different PC’s with 3 different OS Xp pro, Vista business and win7 Pro.

    The feedback I did receive from the support team was of no help at all, All I got was in the first reply that they didnt have the problem and in a subsequent response the comment that” the program didn’t seem to like my system “. what a bullocks,

    And this is supposed to be a tested program,

    As to the support I have to say I found it far from satisfactory if not to say next to useless.

    • I approved your comment even though you are accusing me with a stupid charge!!!!
      Where is this other review that I rewrote?
      Also, don’t you see the screen shot from the members area above with my site name on it???????????????
      However I’m gonna answer you: I swear to God that Niche Commando worked with me from the first time I used it with the same way they showed in the training video…
      I don’t know what happened with the support but if you are talking to them with this same language, they might hate to help you

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