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Basic Info:

Product Name: Done For You Traffic

Type: Software

Developer: Chris Moran

Price: $47

Launch Date: Thursday November 10th, 2011


Hello and welcome to my new review of the Done For You Traffic system created by Chris Moran. What is this system exactly? What you will get from it? And will it really solve the most important marketers’ problem…TRAFFIC? Discover all of this and more in this Done For You Traffic review, read on…


Who is Chris Moran?

 Chris Moran is a young name in the internet marketing world with his angle of business focusing on Traffic and Search Engine Marketing. His most famous product so far was Net Space Profits and Net Space Profits 2.0 that was for building websites, drive them to top of Google rankings then sell them for high profits.


Here’s a screen shot from inside the members area to prove that I’m already a member of Done For You Traffic:

Done For You Traffic


The Done For You Traffic System is not a software as you know it but it’s a complete commission robotic system that works in a specific order to get you traffic and backlinks to improve your search engine rankings in an innovative unique method, here’s how:

1- My Website Set-Up:

You need to start here by entering the information of your site like domain name and hosting account info so the robots can take these information and start their work. Here you have 4 options: 1- If you have an online WordPress site that’s already working, 2- The same as 1 but for NON WordPress sites, 3- If you have no site yet and need to create a WordPress site and 4- If you want to promote an affiliate link (without building sites). All you need to do here is to pick one choice and enter the required data and the robots go.

2-My Content Set-Up:

Here you choose the category and subcategory of your website and 4 best keywords you target for this website so that the robots can use these info to create your content.

3- Network Set-Up:

This step and the next one are the 2 steps that will take some time but it’s a one-time job by entering the accounts data (usernames and passwords) for the sites you want your created content to be promoted to. They have a list of network sites ranging from video sites to documents sharing, etc… After you add these data, the robots will start to distribute the content to the sites you picked (the more sites you create accounts, the more traffic and backlinks you get).

4- Social Media Set-Up:

Here you enter the data of your social accounts to get more exposure of your content.

Now after completing the above steps, the robots will create videos and PDF and PPT documents based on the created content with your links included (I forgot to say that you control the content posted by viewing it before publishing and editing what is needed to be edited). The videos and documents are created automatically and also distributed automatically to the network of sites you just added.

5- Video Distribution History:

Here you find links to the videos already created and posted to the video sites.

6- Document Distribution History:

The same like videos but for PDF and PPT documents.

7- My Account Profile:

If you need to change your log-in info.

What you need to know is with the standard account ($47) you have the ability to do the above for only 1 URL (1 site) but there’s an option to upgrade for 10 URLs accounts (10 websites to promote) for ($197). I suggest you use the standard account then when you start to make money with this website, you can then upgrade to the 10 sites account to increase your profits.

In the members area you get a video and document walking you through the different steps of the system.

This was my Done For You Traffic Review, Hope you found it useful.

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  1. I was interested in your review of Done For you traffic…now that you have had it a few days do you think it does what it says as far as getting traffic…or is this just another shiny “does not work” piece of software…

    I am very interested in purchasing but do not want to waste my money….

    thanks so much for your honesty…


  2. I am interested in Done for you Traffic…


    bARBARA sennert

    • I guess I answered you in another place and said that I haven’t build any websites with it yet as I’m after some course now

  3. Enda McLarnon says:

    I also bought the product and have used it. I have to say I feel as if I was cheated a bit. When you buy the software which looked good, there are actually 2 more upsells on the inside. Maybe some day an honest marketer will come along and not do this. I find it so annoying.
    The first upsell allows you to to have 10 URLS instead of the single one you get with the standard. Notice this was not mentioned on the sale’s letter.

    The second upsell is to give you the social bookmarking element and again I was led to believe that was included.

    If you ignore the upsells you will then be offered both for a $97 dollar upsell.

    I ignored both to find I was left with one URL that could be used. That annoys me so I will be getting my money back. I detest being misled.

    It does do content scraping and then links to Digg, Delicious etc and also creates videos with a robotic voice. I guess a link is a link though so not perfection.

  4. I bought ‘Done for you traffic’ over

    two weeks ago and so far have had

    nothing but problems with it. I will

    list them below.

    1) The basic price only buys you set up

    for one of your sites, there is an

    upsell to use it on more than one

    2) More than 90% of the content created

    was not relevant or suitable for my


    3) The few articles I could use would

    not post to my site. There was an error

    message generated that so far their

    “support” team have not been able to


    4) You are required to set up accounts

    for all of the content and video sites

    that it will post to and submit your log

    in and password details on forms that

    they provide.

    I did this, but it will not post any of

    the videos or content for me. Again an

    error message was generated, but no

    explanation from “support”

    5) Support really does not exist. Any

    questions that you ask are obviously

    replied to from a script, if you have

    quetions outside of that they simply

    stop replying.

    6) After 2 weeks, time invested =

    significant, leads = 0, traffic = 0

    My advice avoid ‘Done for you traffic’

    like the plague.


  5. I am so dumb I bought the whole package with all the upsells, over $450.00 worth of stuff.

    At first I had a horrible time getting it set up and tried one of my experimental sites, and I messed the whole thing up. Support was able to reset my account, and I was able to start over, now having a good idea of what to do and how the thing works.

    It gets content, not great content for my keywords, but Ok articles. It turns that article into a movie and into word documents like pdfs that will be submitted to different sites, like scribd. Then it will book mark all this great activity.

    I have been able to get the content to post to the site, and have been able to get the videos created and documents submitted, but I haven’t seen a single bookmark any where.

    The only site the video will submit to so far is dailymotion and you need to go to the site and click a few items for it to actually post, a pain, but ok if that was the only problem. There is no posting to you tube, which for me was a major draw to buying the program.

    I like the document publishing feature it seems to be the only thing that works right. And it does do a good job as far as I can tell there.

    But the bookmarking is a disaster, I paid an extra $150 for book marking and as far as I can tell there is not a single bookmark showing up anywhere.

    Now for Support – They will answer some easy questions but the responses are canned. And if they don’t know the answer they ignore you.

    I really love the idea of this software and I have sixty days before I have to return it for a refund, so I will see if I can get someone to fix my issues. But so far tons of time, tons of frustration.

    Very little results.

    Thats not good.

    I will keep you updated on my adventure with these pesky robots.

    • James Hiramatsu says:

      I see you purchased the product about the same time I did. Everything you mentioned is exactly the same thing I’m going through. However, at this point I can’t even get the support to answer. I can’t even access the page to submit a ticket.

  6. shamshad hassam says:

    wow…don’t know where you guys purchased this from. I only paid total of $20 for the whole ‘thing’. and right you are it does not work and support stinks…after reading all this I think I am going to return it. there is not point wasting time. big hype on the sales page. I have been trying for a year to find something worthwhile. if any one of you have come across something and would like to share, it would be nice.

  7. I cannot get into the back office, and I have paid for the traffic system, traffic social media upgrade, and traffic premium account upgrade. H-E-L-P!!!

  8. James Hiramatsu says:

    Hi everyone,
    After reading all of your comments it seems I’m not the only one running into trouble with the soft. I purchased the soft and upgrade for 10 websites about half a year ago. In the beginning, it was creating postings to slideshare, scribd, delicious and stumble upon at a fairly good pace. I checked with the sites and found many of my postings with decent views on the slideshare and scribd sites. Some of the postings had views of over 450 but none generated any sales. I checked to see if the URL’s that I had submitted were actually working. Some were directing to the websites but some were not. So I went to the slideshare and scribd sites and started editing the postings so my URL’s would actually show up when clicked. It’s been over 3 months now since then but still no sales have been generated. Two of the URL’s that I used are hoplinks from Clickbank which were supposed to be best sellers. No luck even then. As someone mentioned, I couldn’t find any postings on the You tube site.
    About two months ago, I decided to delete some websites and add new ones. After completing this, the trouble began. All my postings were gone, even for the websites that I didn’t touch. I can’t generate any more postings for contents anymore. Nothing comes out or works anymore. I’ve been trying to reach support by email, because the support button on the dashboard page keeps directing to a not existing page, for 2 months now without any response. Are anyone of you getting any replies from the support staff?

  9. I bought the system and it has not created any content what so ever. I contacted support and they told me to do what I had already done. Contacted support 3 or 4 times now and still waiting on a reply! I feel that I will be asking for a refund!

  10. I purchased the upsell version of this program to 10 URL’s last evening. Wala, can’t even access the website much less the support page. As if they took the money and ran. This is very suspicious and makes me nervous. Therefore I will be attempting a refund.


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