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Basic Info:

Product Name: Fast Cash Commissions

Type: Software and Training Course

Developer: Anthony Morrison (With the aid of Tim Donovan and Adam Horwitz)

Price: $47 (click exit to get a discount)

Launch Date: Tuesday October 25th, 2011


Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my new review of the new system called Fast Cash Commissions developed by Anthony Morrison with Tim Donovan and Adam Horwitz as the directors of the product. What will you get with this system? This is what you are about to discover in this Fast Cash Commissions review.


Who Is Anthony Morrison?

Fast Cash Commissions

Anthony Morrison is a 28 years old internet marketer who is not only famous on internet but also on television which makes him more legitimate as we know at least he is a real person and not just another one hiding behind nick names. He stated his online business 6 years ago when he was 22. Anthony is very famous because of his late night infomercials and his nationwide business seminar tour.

He has been shown on TV many times and right now he has got the # 1 internet marketing infomercial on over 700 channels of big budget TV. He has also published 2 books “The Hidden Millionaire” and “Advertising Profits From Home” in which he is teaching people different strategies to make money at home.

Anthony Morrison



Here is a solid proof that I already purchased Fast Cash Commissions:

Fast Cash Commissions Review


Important Notice: Some people are stealing my screen shots and claim that they are the people who bought the product themselves!!!! It’s a common sense that marketers rewrite other marketers reviews but to copy a screen shot and the exact review and claim these are theirs to make some money for themselves?!!!!! This is non acceptable and non ethical at all. So, for whoever do so, stop this now please otherwise I may go for some legal measures.

Sorry, but I’m really angry about this, let’s get back to the review…

Well, I just finished watching the training videos which is detailed and takes you by hand to teach you how to use all the features of the fast cash commissions software, now let’s talk about the software itself…

This software is called “Fast Traffic Sniper” which is divided into 3 modules i.e.: You can say this is a 3 software in 1, these modules are as follows:

Module 1: Keywheel Sniper:

This is a keyword research tool which gives you hundred of possibilities for the keyword you choose, for example if you enter the term “weight loss” it will give you hundreds of key-phrases with the term “weight loss” included in the phrase. Beside each phrase a “more info” button where it takes you to the Google Keyword Tool where you can analyze your competition and know the monthly searches for every phrase.

Module 2: Spy Sniper:

This is where you spy on your competition for a specific keyword, you enter the keyword and a list of the first 10-30 results will come with the URLs of sites and the page rank of each site so you can know if it is possible to target such a keyword or not.

If you have some extra money you can get a great substitute for the above 2 modules with the competition analyzed for you and here I mean Brad Callen’s Niche Finder where on every keyword you get a color and a number showing you the level of competition (green is possible, yellow is tough, and red is very difficult), I use this software myself and it helps me to find amazing keywords I’d never think of (it is $97).

Module 3: Social Sniper:

This is the coolest module of the software and it is actually independent of the other 2 modules i.e.: You can consider it a separate software.

In this software you type your desired keyword and a list will show with every conversation having the same keyword in the major 6 social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, LinkedIn…

Then you use the software to reply to the conversation with offering a solution to the talked about problem and here I mean you offer a link to the product you want to promote.

The awesome thing is you offer this solution to a someone who is really looking for this solution (you can exclude the search results that contain links). This allows you to target a very highly targeted traffic and without having a website!!


Beside these 3 modules you have the section of “Bonuses” which is divided into “Advanced Training” which adds a new training video every few days and “Guest Experts” where a new video with a new expert will be added every few days. Also, you have the chance to fill in an application where they will choose some members to train 1 on 1 based on a phone interview.


To deal with first 2 modules you need to know some basics on how to choose keywords and how to analyze competition to know which are marketable and which are not (I offered the solution to this above).


For $37 Fast Cash Commissions is a cool piece of software that comes with the proper training on how to use this software with some other tactics. The software is divided into 3 modules 2 of which is dedicated to pick a profitable keyword with competition analysis and the third one is to design a social media campaigns where you target highly targeted traffic to your offer without having a website.

This was my detailed Fast Cash Commissions Review, hope you find it helpful.



  1. Paul Kelly says:

    Before you invest in the Anthony Morrison Fast Cash Commissions I implore you to do your research on Anthony Morrison. I was a victim of his last get rich scheme Hidden Millionaires and before that he was running Cool Blue Performance online business. Just do an online search of any of these and scores of people will claim they were the victim of a scam and defrauded. I was laid off from my job and my savings were running low. I bought a book late one night for $19.95 then spent another $3000.00 and 6 months later I have not made a cent despite working hard every day to do so. No matter how hard you try or how much you spend buying more training from this you will not make money. To date there have been no independent posts from real people who have made money only friends and relatives of Anthony Morrison stating they have without disclaimers and in contravention of FCC guidelines. I have since found out all the information is available for free on the Internet. My phone has not stopped ringing with them trying to sell me more. There are many independent websites that have investigated Anthony Morrison and many others where numerous people have told stories similar to mine. Please spend the time to check him out and hopefully this post will save one person what I have gone through.

    • Well, I have nothing to say except that Fast Cash Commissions have not been launched yet!!!!!
      So, we have to wait to see if this is true or not and always remember that you may make something wrong once but you can correct your fault the time after that.

  2. is this like a scam cause seriously i can’t afford to lose money i’m an 18 year old student , i need to save all I’ve got!!

    • Read the review carefully as you are the one who can judge if you need a software doing this function or not, It does the functions mentioned in the review.
      Also, don’t worry about losing money as you have 60 days money-back guarantee 🙂

  3. Darin Walker says:

    Fast Cash Commissions is a true scam. It is NOT a true Step-by-Step system, and leaves the inexperience with no help. There is nothing but a canned worthless support system that responds with non-relevant responses. They will be asking you for HUGE sums of money if you want to make any money. I know, I bought it, and I am getting a full refund. I will be writing up a major review on this scam when I get some extra time. Don’t waste your money on it please!

    • Who said that this is a coaching course????
      This is a software and its function is mentioned above
      Actually it is not a scam
      You being not able to use the software or don’t know how to build your business doesn’t mean that this is a scam
      Otherwise, other keyword research tools are all scam!!!

    • Hi.I see you have been able to get a refund.I have been sending emails to the support email address to try get a refund but nothing happens.No return email and no refund.What can I do?

      • sorry for the late reply. You get refund through Clickbank not the support. In the purchase email you can find a link to CB support where you ask for your refund

  4. i have not made any money from empowerment network but my best friend did i did everything she did and still nothing after six months so does it make that company a scam

  5. Hello and good day Sayed
    I have the same opinion, and I like your site.
    Of course I read Your history first,
    which is very similar with my long journey in the internet business.
    I’m always looking for new ways to make money,
    in order to get my investment back.
    It makes me sick,when good people fall for it again and again on scam products
    especially newcomers.
    In the meantime I have learned to check everything,before I buy something.
    That is the reason why I ended up on your site and when time permits I will stop by again.
    By the way my mother tongue is German.
    Would be nice if you accept my friendship on FB
    I wish you a successful next week and a Happy New Year
    Sincerely Inge Feiler

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