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Basic Info:

Product Name: Mass Income Multiplier

Type: Software

Developers: Tony Perr and Tom Geller

Price: $39 (on exit)

Launch Date: Tuesday January 10th, 2011


Hello and welcome to this review of the new software called Mass Income Multiplier developed by Tony Perr and Tom Geller. This software is supposed to be a complete done for you system, from building the website through adding unique content to generating traffic. How does it work? And will it give the promised results? Continue reading my Mass Income Multiplier review to discover this and more, here we go…


Who are Tony Perr and Tom Geller?

Mass Income MultiplierTony Perr and Tom Geller are young promising names in the world of internet marketing business, you may have never heard of Tony Perr but I guess you already know Tom Geller as he was involved in some product launches in the past and the most important one of them was “Freedom Blogging Profit” that made him a very well known name in the business, he also partnered with Douglas Williams to launch Ultimate Income Booster. To my knowledge, this is the first time for Tony and Tom to launch a product together, let’s see what they have for us.



Here’s a screen shot from the members area to prove that I’m a member of Mass Income Multiplier:

Mass Income Multiplier

This product is actually a complete system or network that gives more results with the increase in the volume of the network. Here’s how the software works:

– Website Creation: First it automates the creation of content rich websites or more specifically web pages. You can choose to add videos from YouTube, text content or content from RSS feeds. You enter your data and with click of the button your page will be created which is monetized by your affiliate links and AdSense. You can have the page ready and running in less that 5 minutes.

– Traffic Generation: After you build your pages you need to get traffic in order to make money, here comes the Mass Income Multiplier in action to virally spread your content to different people using the system network. If you use Facebook then you can understand how this system works, it is really a content sharing network where your content will be shared by others as well as their content should be shared by you.

– List Building: This is a very powerful part of the system as without the need to any autoresponder services you can use the system to build a list of subscribers. This happens as the software integrates a built-in autoresponder optin form where people can add their info to subscribe to your newsletter which enables you to send promotions to this list later.

Update: I just created my first page using this system, you can see it by clicking here.

Click Here to See The Software in Action

This software is web-based, no installation needed, you just log in to your account and start using it. You don’t need domains, hosting or autoresponder services, all are built-in for free. It has a tracking system that supplies you with the necessary analytic reports.

this was my Mass Income Multiplier review, I hope you find it helpful.



  1. I subscribe to your newsletter and love your site. Good info.

    I read above in the Mass Income Multiplier review that you had built a quite a number of sites with the software. And I’m thinking of getting a copy.

    Have you had any sales or list results and how long before it started to produce for you??

    How many sites have you now built???

    Any other comments you could make ??

    thanks & regards

    mark . . . .

    • I made only 1 as a test as I’m not going to use the system as I have my own business model, I just made it as a test to let you see what the software can do..
      After 3 days I can say that this system will not get you results at the moment, but after some months in case you just rely on members of the system.
      But if you use it in another way and know how to drive traffic to websites, then you can have many pages per day and at the same time you don’t need to pay for Aweber or such services.
      If you are creative enough, buy the system, if not you can try it after some months not now

  2. justin time says:

    are there upsells if so how much to get the full system, will the basic system work

    • I didn’t take care of the upsells really, I just logged in to the members area..
      About the basic product, read my response to the above comment

  3. Marquis Gittens says:

    I have signed up for this program, but as usual another one of those upsell programs. Like an autoblog I do not hold out much hope for earnings

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