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Basic Info:

Product Name: Mobile Blog Money

Type: Software and Training

Developer: Chris Waldron

Price: $67 (exit to get $20 discount)

Launch Date: Tuesday November 29th, 2011 at 12pm EST


Hello and welcome to my Mobile Blog Money review where I’m going to review the new software system by Chris Waldron that is said to be an innovative type of software that has a unique method of action, is this true? What is Mobile Blog Money? Discover what you need to know in the next few paragraphs.

Who is Chris Waldron?

Chris Waldron is a young internet marketer from Virginia and his name is really new to this business, from my experience, such new guys tend to offer the best value they can in their beginnings to make a name for themselves, we’ll see if this is the case here.



Mobile Blog Money is a software accompanied by training to combine the power of Blogging and Mobile Marketing. As you know mobile marketing has become very popular these days and most of marketers are jumping into this business model now.

The idea of this system is simple, the software enables you to build blogs and squeeze pages optimized for mobile users. You get templates needed for this process, then after building these mobile friendly websites and pages you can then promote it to your target audience which can be done by 2 methods:

1- Building a List: By collecting the phone numbers of your visitors by using opt-in forms and then promote what you want to them using text messages (SMS).

2- Ads: This is like Google AdWords but for mobiles and much much cheaper so that you can pay only few cents for a click. People will see your ads when they download something from a mobile store like Ovi store or iTunes. I always get such ads when I download a game to my phone for example. You’ll be shown how and where to get these ads. You can advertise whatever you want like your websites, affiliate links,…etc.

The Mobile Blog Money System delivers the above via 4 modules or tools as follows:

Tool #1: The Builder:

Here you will get mobile pages and templates in different niches and you will be taught how to use them in order to start your business.

Tool #2: The Buyer Sniper:

This is very important as you will learn how to reach the buyer traffic in your niche as with billions of mobile users you can get a lot of traffic but only a very few percentage of them are buyers, here you will know how to reach this percentage.

Tool #3: The Automator:

After you start making some cash this tool will allow you to copy and paste the same steps over and over again so you can grow your business for a long term profits.

Tool #4: The Competition Rework:

This one will allow you to make benefits of the high competition in your niche and use this to your advantage to get more traffic and of course more money.



Mobile Blog Money is a new copy and paste mobile marketing software and training system that utilizes 4 tools to help members make money via mobile promotions in combination with the power of blogging. Members use the ready supplied mobile pages with the software to build mobile optimized websites whether blogs or landing pages then use these sites either for building a phone list or advertising as explained above. This system is very powerful as people are downloading applications everyday and so have more opportunity to expose your ads and at the same time when you build a list and promote what you want via SMS, of course people will open the message not like emails that usually end in the spam or trash folder.

This was my Mobile Blog Money review , I hope it could help you make your decision.



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