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Basic Info:

Product Name: My Mobile Money Pages

Type: Mobile Application

Developers: Andrew Fox and Chris Fox

Price: $39.95 (exit to get $10 discount)

Launch Date: Tuesday December 13th, 2011 at 3 pm EST


Hello and welcome to today’s review of the new software by Andrew Fox and Chris Fox that is called My Mobile Money Pages. What is this application all about? What makes it different from other mobile software? Will it make any benefit for you? Read My Mobile Money Pages review to found out the answers and more…


Who are Andrew Fox and Chris Fox?

Andrew Fox and Chris Fox are two internet marketing brothers from UK, They have build a very powerful names in this business along many years. Andrew the older brother is the co-founder of Advent-Marketing company and recently he also has founded a new company called Specialist Marketing. In his early days Andrew was working 16-18 hours per day which is actually a very important lesson for people thinking that online business is magic. On the other hand Chris made his big name when he launched “Day Job Killer” that was a breakthrough in the market at the time it was revealed, after that he worked in many models like niche marketing , SEO and many other business models.

Andrew and Chris Fox have launched many products whether alone or in partnership such as “Clickbank Domination”, “Clickbank Affiliate Formula”, “Affiliate Millionaire”, “The Guru Slayer”, “Nuclear Affiliate”, “Google Cash Sniper”, “Google Terminator”, “CB Predators”, “Marketing Quickies” and “CB Quantum”. Most of these products have achieved big success on Clickbank Marketplace helping thousands to make money with their strategies.



I just purchased the product now and here’s a screen shot from inside the members area:

My Mobile Money Pages

My Mobile Money Pages is a complete system that allows you to build websites automatically whether from your desktop computer or (for the first time) from your mobile phones, yes you can build websites while setting in a coffee shop or on a train!! And by website, I mean complete website not just one page site. You get a complete WordPress website with all the regular and extra features and you have 2 options; you can use their domain and as your site as a sub-domain and host it for free with the system or you can register your own domain (don’t use godaddy as it doesn’t work with the software, use Namecheap) and use it to build the site and use your hosting account as well.

The software itself is divided into 5 parts that covers all the details from a cool review WordPress theme to a keyword research tools that gives you keywords related to the main keyword, these keywords are the ones actually searched for in search engines daily and not like the ordinary AdWords tool. There’s a content builder that builds website content depending on your keywords (I forgot to say that you choose all the keywords not just once and start a campaign with them all so people searching for those terms which are very low competition will land on your site and thus it increases your chances to make more money). You can change the graphic as you want, add your affiliate id (Amazon, Clickbank, eBay,…etc.)

Before you use the content cloner, you need first to use the site builder tool which will build a complete WordPress site automatically in few seconds. Then after you build your website and put your touches on it you can start building backlinks to it using the “Robo Link Cloner” which will help your site getting higher rankings in search engines for your desired keywords by using 3 different methods of link building and you get reports in your members area with all the links so you know where every link is coming from.

The website has some cool extra widgets like the translation widget which enables you to translate your website to all the known languages (sure automatic translation is not the best thing but it has another benefit which will make different versions of your website and this is very great for Google which will think that this is a very big authority site). how this works is simply when a visitor lands on your website he will see a group of flags to the right and when he clicks on a flag of them, the whole site will be translated to the corresponding language.

There are many other cool features that I’m discovering every minute and this makes me more impressed. Also, don’t worry as there are detailed video tutorials for basic level that makes you start immediately with the sub-domain option and advanced level for those who like to have their own domains and hosting.

There is a members only forum where you can share ideas and receive help from other members and I really respect people who do so as if you know your product is crab you won’t make a private members forum to allow members discover that all share the same opinion. If you even need further assistance you can ask for support from the professional support team.

If you need the above mentioned campaigns to be done for you, this is also provided via a platinum membership option for extra payment of course.

Click Here to See the Software in Action



My Mobile Money Pages is a unique system that builds complete websites hosted on the system’s own servers or on your hosting account whatever you wish with your own domain or using a sub-domain of their own. The software will search for keywords, build website based on the main keyword and do campaigns based on the keywords you found with the software so that people searching for such terms will land on your website. You must know that you have control over everything, you can build anything you need manually or automatically, then after your site is ready the software does backlinking campaigns using 3 different link building tactics. One of the best features is that you can use the software to build websites using your mobile phone so that you can do that anywhere anytime. I really love this system and I’m sure it deserves more price that offered (don’t know if they plan to raise the price soon).

This was My Mobile Money Pages review that I hope you found useful.



  1. Are you able to use this with any affiliate network? Meaning does this only work with physical products or can I promote any digital affiliate offers?

  2. Thanks for the info. I will purchase through your link!

  3. Thanks for the review i will be sure to report after i purchase!

  4. If it creates WordPress blogs, does this mean it works for the regular internet, too? Not just mobile? Sounds like a great product.

    • Yes it works for the regular internet too…
      I’m really impressed with this product as it is complete and the support is awesome

  5. Can you build multiple sites with this application or just one per account

  6. Sir Daniel says:

    What are the upsells if any??? Does the $39.95 get you all of the tools needed to build unlimited mobile websites?

    • Upsells I have seen is the platinum membership which gets the campaigns done for you ($197).
      There is another one called Delta membership but I’m not sure about it.
      For the other question, yes you get all the tools including the very cool review theme.

  7. Hello,

    I bought you products some days ago, but have not received the access to build the website. I had contacted with Marry,I still is waiting the access. I had sent the claim to paypal, that they help me.
    I really want to test it and see the grate result, but I can not do this.

  8. Hi
    After I pay the $39.95 do I have to pay for any domain name and hosting please?

  9. Hi
    After I pay the $39.95 do I have to pay for any domain name and hosting please? What I really mean is with $39.95 do I really get to start making any money after setting the campaigns??

  10. Jerry L. Sweet says:

    I have paid $41.11 for INSTANT ACCESS
    Paid $202.71 for Platinum done For You Service
    Paid $47.00 for the Gold membership
    I trust this should take care of some of the expenses and now I am looking for some help. Got any suggestions?
    11:44 P.M. 1-12-12

  11. Can you use an exisiting website you have with the product?

  12. Bill Mead says:

    Bought My Mobile Money Pages but can’t find it on
    my PC!
    What is the filename?

  13. Bill Mead says:

    Downloaded MY MOBILE MONEY PAGES on 1-7-12
    but can’t find it on my pc.
    Please email me the file name so I can used it.
    Thank you.

  14. Bill Mead says:

    please email me comments up to date(3-19-12)
    thank you.

  15. do you you have any recent updates on the My mobilemonetpages ?
    just recieved the ad in my eamail and have read good and bad about it

  16. 5/5/2013
    I am using theis software… All of my sites are on mmmp domain..All of my sites crash 3 weeks ago .. I send mmmp support several emails to fix the problem or respond to my emails.. They will neither neither fix the problem or respond to my email
    i need help

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