Point Click Commissions Review – Is It a Scam?

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Basic Info:

Product Name: Point Click Commissions

Type: Software with Training

Producers: Steven Johnson and Steven James

Price: $49.95 (Try to close the sales page to get $10 off)

Launch Date: Monday August 15th, 2011



This time Steven Johnson and Steven James are back with this new system termed Point Click Commissions. What exactly should we expect from this one? And more important, will it allow people to make money online as it is supposed to be? We’ll try to explore this in our Point Click Commissions review.


Who are Steven Johnson and Steven James?

Steven Johnson and Steven James are making themselves a very good name today in the affiliate marketing business. Their fame started to explode when they launched “Online Income Flood” last year with a big success. Another product they launched as partners was “The Commission league”. But before their partnership each of them tried his luck alone.

Steven Johnson made some success by launching many products like The Next Affiliate Idol, The Quick List Formula and Elite Money Makers. However his best product so far was “Sales Letters” that launched back in 2009 with sales numbers exceeding his target. Steven also make income online by promoting others’ products as an affiliate.

Steven James on the other hand is a 20 years English marketer who started his career few years ago with many obstacles but he managed to make a good income as an affiliate and finally partnered with Steven Johnson to launch the above mentioned products to start a new stage of his internet marketing journey.



Another vague sales page that gives no idea what this product is (this should stop by the end of August because of the new Clickbank regulations).

So, what exactly is Point Click Commissions?

Actually it is a main software with a training course aiming to make members make money via email marketing.

The software creates landing pages then uses this landing page to build an email list for members.

This comes with a 16 steps training varying between videos and documents:

STEP1 – Introduction
STEP2 – Version Selection
STEP3 – Auto Responder
STEP4 – Affiliate Account
STEP5 – Email Account
STEP6 – Select An Offer
STEP7 – Set Up Adsense
STEP8 – Set Up List
STEP9 – SEO Settings
STEP10 – Add Video
STEP11 – Admin Panel Setup
STEP12 – Tying It All Together
STEP13 – Share Your Page
STEP14 – Marketing
STEP15 – Monetize List
STEP16 – Free Swaps

This is it actually as I guess it is very obvious from the name of each step what you could expect from it.

Point Click Commissions Official Site


Point Click Commissions is not bad at all but it’s really for beginners to intermediate marketers (If you are professional enough, don’t buy it as you’ll find nothing new). What I didn’t like about this system is the sales page is fake and these screen shots are not made by affiliate commissions but they were done by product launches (as I said this type of lying will stop by the end of August). But for newbies, you can really benefit from this course specially if you are after building a list and marketing to it.

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  1. Marilyn Rushin says:

    I subscribed to Point Click Commissions. It is NOT for beginners. I went through the training videos, pausing to do the task that was given. I absolutely could NOT get my hoplink referral in. The website that they made for me would not delete theirs & let me put mine in. I sent three support emails. Finally one was answered. He told me to go to coffeecup.com & download the free html editing program. I used it to no avail. Their link was still on the “Thank You Page”.

    He said on his sales video he will refund my money immediately if for any reason I am not satisfied within two months. Over a week ago I sent an email asking for my money back as I am very unsatisfied. I have heard nothing.

    My son & husband warned me that this is a scam but as we are retired & on a fixed income, I wanted to believe it. I paid $195 for the Advanced Program & I have lost all of it.

    I am disgusted & would not sell these products or recommend them. I cancelled Aweber & Brainhost & told them to remove my website.

    • Hello Marilyn,
      Why do you ask them for refund?
      Go to Clickbank directly and ask for refund, you’ll get all your money back no questions asked.
      Thanks to Clickbank we can save our money within 60 days if we didn’t like a service.
      If you really need to learn how to make income online I recommend you try Chris Farrell Membership (voted no.1 service) and you can try it first for a very low price then $37 monthly.
      When you try to close my page you’ll be directed there, take your time and read all through the website, you’ll get some free stuff there also.

  2. Gabriel Anderson says:

    Highly revealing bless you, There’s no doubt that your readers would certainly want a good deal more reviews like this maintain the great work.

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