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On September 7, 2013
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This page is a review of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 4.0. Click below if you are looking for:


Basic Info:

Product Name: Product Launch Formula 4

Type: Training Course

Producer: Jeff Walker

Price: $1997 (or 6 x $397)

Launch Date: Monday, September 16th, 2013 till Friday, September 20th, 2013


Welcome guys and gals to my most recent review which is dedicated for the newest version of Jeff Walker’s infamous PLF. If you haven’t heard about the earlier 3 versions then you must be new to this business as they usually create a huge buzz when they launch. I’ll consider that this is your first time to hear about it in my review, so what is Product Launch Formula? Will it help you make huge launches? Is it for every one? Does it work in any niche? Continue reading to find out the answers for these questions and more.


Who is Jeff Walker?

Jeff WalkerJeff Walker is an Internet marketer best known for his Product Launch Formula. Walker who holds a Degree in Business has earned a lot of praise from Internet marketers who have successfully put the formula into use.

After graduating from Michigan State University, Walker ventured into Internet marketing. He had a passion for the stock market and from a computer in his basement sent email newsletters to day-traders and investors.

The newsletter sent to 19 addresses would later attract over 70,000 subscribers. This is when he came up with the idea of the product launch. His first try would earn him $1400 which he was more than happy with. He refined the formula and made more money as the days passed by.

The Product Launch Formula involves creating anticipation around a product launch by turning the marketing procedure into an event. The formula works the same as movie teasers where you are showed a preview of the film some weeks before it is released. Most people can’t wait for the movie to be released and will practically fight for the tickets.

According to Walker, the trick is to build the relationship between you and your prospects before asking them for any money for a product. You basically provide a lot of free content such as special offers, bonuses, special pricing and videos. This not only strengthens the bond between you and your potential buyers but also helps you stand out from other people selling the product.


Product Launch Formula 4.0 Review:


Prelaunch Video Series:

Video 1: This video is a free training where Jeff is teaching the new concept of making a launch successful via prelaunch and why marketers should use it instead of the ordinary launch day sales letter. This video itself is a genius proof of the power of this strategy (you will understand what I mean when you watch it). You’ll know exactly what top marketers do to make prospects ready to buy once the launch day comes. Click here to watch video 1 now.

Video 2: This video covers the so-called “seed launch” which includes launching without having a product or even a big list. It also includes the journey of Jeff and how he managed to go from $400 per year to his first million dollar launch. Again, you’ll love this seed launch part, click here to watch video 2 now.

Video 3: (The Product Launch Blueprint): This is the best piece of this free training, the video is over 1 hour of discussing overview of different launch related items. This is supported by 22 pages PDF which shows diagrams that summarizes the big picture strategy, tactics, types of launches, your launch path, the big gotchas and the resources you will need when you do any launch. I would sell this video and PDF as a separate product but Jeff is giving this for free!! Click here to watch video 3 and download the PDF now.


The Product:

What is Product Launch Formula?

PLF is a training program that was first developed by Jeff Walker in 2006 which is designed to teach all business owners how to do a successful launch in any niche. Then as the market is in a dynamic movement, so PLF needs to be updated from time to time. This is what Jeff did exactly by launching versions 2 and 3 and he is launching version 4 now.

Product Launch Formula consists mainly of 6 modules of training as follows:

Module 1 – The core strategy and tactics of the formula:

This is the core of the formula as evident where you’ll learn to create your launch foundation and the strategy of launching as well as an introduction of joint ventures.

Module 2 – The quick launch and prelaunch:

This teaches quick launch and prelaunch tactics with focus on common launch mistakes in addition to Jeff’s formula to create millions of dollars from your first internal launch.

Module 3 – How to create launch story and prelaunch content in sequence:

Covers seed launch as well where you launch to a small list as a test to see what results this launch achieves so that you are ready to do an internal launch or a big JV launch where you can tell your JVs what results they can expect.

Module 4 – Launch list secrets, planning launch content and joint ventures:

This covers these topics of launch in details with extra learning lessons.

Module 5 – The Actual launch process including affiliate and e-commerce launches:

This covers different launch types and how to make your launches more profitable.

Module 6 – The evergreen launches as the most profitable type of launches:

This covers the evergreen launch and how to do it where you do a big launch then leave it and continue making profits on autopilot (most Clickbank products are of this type).

– In addition to these 6 modules, you get monthly live coaching calls where Jeff answers all questions personally in addition to contact with other PLF members where you can share ideas, create JV partnership with each other and so on.


What is New in Product Launch Formula 4.0?

1- The product will be a complete revamp, delivered in a much more interactive style. It will include Jeff teaching live via webinar, along with all the stuff he usually does.

2- Much more focus on the actual creation of the launch, the prelaunch material, and the sales video (Jeff actually have never covered creating the sales video).

3- He will also have all new training on list building, product creation, and using webinars. And the whole course will be tighter, more actionable, more fill-in-the-blank. Plus lessons learned in the last three years.



Product Launch Formula 4.0 Bonus:

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Disclosure: I’m an affiliate of Product Launch Formula and will be compensated if you make purchase through my link.

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