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Basic Info:

Product Name: The Trinity Code

Type: Live Training and Software

Producers: Tim Godfrey, Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth

Price: $2497 one payment (or $997 x 3 months)

Launch Date: Wednesday, September 4th, 2013


The Trinity CodeWelcome ladies and gentlemen, we are back once again for a very good reason. Today we have a review for the newest product of Tim Godfrey, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. What is this new product all about? Is it worth this sum of money? Will it help you make a high quality business online? Is it a breakthrough in the business or another high-ticket scam?  Continue reading this review to find out the answers.

Who are Tim Godfrey, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth?

Tim Godfrey

Tim GodfreyTim is the IM Guru famous for his creation of info products such as Commission Blueprint, Niche Blueprint, Info Prodigy and eFormula. Most of these products Tim had built-in collaboration with Clayton.

Tim is an inspiration to many who want to make it big in the online information and marketing business. Like most, he had started from a scratch. He entered the world of internet marketing in 2003, at a time when he was struggling to make the ends meet. As is expected, the first years were rough and the money trickled through in small portions. But the big thing was he stuck on. As a start, he tested Craigslist and FreeAds for online marketing, but they hardly helped.

However, Tim relates that what really changed the course of things is when he came across this book by Joe Vitale and Jim Edwards. The book shared the author’s experiences in making the info products. It was then that Tim realized what a big niche info marketing could be. The first book he wrote was initially sold for $24 via ClickBank. He was later able to sell it for $10,000 through an online auction. Things had begun to look up and soon Tim joined the fray of affiliate business. Before long, he was earning, yes, $30 million dollars a month. In recent times, Tim’s online marketing business focuses on two niches: golf and health. At the same time, he continues to produce a lot of innovative info materials and has millions of loyal followers.

Steve Clayton

Steve ClaytonSteve has partnered Tim in creating most of their important info product materials. The Niche Blueprint, the Commission Blueprint, eFormula and Info Prodigy– Steve has co-authored all of these highly popular online info materials with Tim. What makes their products so popular is that they relate their own experience in a clear and elaborate manner. All of the Blueprint manuals contain videos and manuals which guide the learners through a detailed step-by-step process. Another important thing is that they do not promise any miracle in a short time. What they do is to direct the reader to the right method and the right tools to use and hundreds of online businesses have been greatly helped by following Tim and Steve’s formulas.

Unlike Tim, Steve came from a corporate background. He was already the vice president of a Fortune 500 company when he decided to call it a day in the corporate world. Soon he launched his own online marketing business. The company was named, catchily enough, ‘Worth Overdoing Marketing and Consulting.’ Steve brought his experience of his corporate career to his business and the company soared soon enough, achieving huge success in the internet marketing niches such as Affiliate Marketing, Product Creation, SEO and PPC.

Then came the big moment when he teamed up with Tim and created Commission Blueprint. This was effectively a video course detailing on how to build a successful Google AdWords campaign. The product caught like fire in the market. In six months, they were already out with Niche Blueprint which again caught the market by storm and Steve was in it by then– big time.

Aidan Booth

Aidan BoothAidan joined the internet marketing world in 2006. Just like so many others, he was looking to make it big and invested a lot in the info marketing products. To his disappointment, he found most of them to be over-hyped materials and of little help. However, there were a few that did help. Aidan mentions the products which really showed him a way were the ones prepared by Tim, Steve and the ones by Brian G. Johnson. It is through the help of them that Aidan became a successful affiliate marketer in a few years’ time, earning six figures. In 2011, he came out with Rank and Pillage, created in collaboration with Johnson. The product proved to be a great hit.

However, his second internet marketing course has become even a greater success. This was Authority Hybrid. Aidan tells that the reason Hybrid could improve upon the first product is that he paid great attention to the feedback from the users of the first one. At the same time, he could incorporate the knowledge about online marketing he had gathered in the meantime. The Hybrid also includes valuable information for online marketer after the release of Google Panda update.

Aidan is known to be a very humble guy who teaches the methods he uses for his business. Just like Tim and Steve, his teaching courses are highly informed by his own experience in the internet marketing niche and the courses try to guide the users through the myriad intricacies of online marketing in a logical and methodical way.


The Trinity Code Review:

Prelaunch Video Series and PDFs:

Video 1: This is the first video in a series of 3 free videos where Steve and Aidan talk to us from a private plane and a boat! In this video Steve tells an overview of the system and the earnings they made from 1 website. After you watch the video, I highly recommend you download the “White Paper” PDF which is a new paradigm of traffic generation today and why SEO could be a losing game now. In this guide, you will learn some traffic techniques which you can do on the spot. You get access to free tool and you automatically enter a contest to win Apple iPad mini, iPhone and $2500 cash. You can watch the video immediately but to download the PDF, you need to enter your email which I’m sure you won’t regret. Click here to watch video 1 now.

Video 2: This is an overview of the traffic generation software called “Crowd Force” as well as a video tutorial of the software. The program helps you find traffic opportunities related to your targeted keywords where you can promote your site; these traffic sources include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Forums and many more. The surprise here is that you get a demo version of the software which has the forum module activated, so you can use it to find traffic opportunities immediately. Click here to watch video 2 and access software now.

 Video 3: This video explains everything about the code. Aidan explains what you’ll get from this system exactly and what is the huge opportunity behind it. Click here to watch video 3 now.


The Review:

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The Trinity Code Bonus:

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