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On December 8, 2012
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Basic Info:

Product Name: Tube Kaboom

Type: Membership System

Developers: Jason Potash and Jason Katzenback

Price: $29.95/mo (Standard) or $49.95/mo (Platinum)

Launch Date: Thursday, February 7th, 2013


Tube KaboomJason Potash and Jason Katzenback are back with a new service. It is for both video and SEO marketers. How will it help these marketers? What is the power of this one? What makes it different? What are the different membership options? In this Tube Kaboom review, I try to cover these questions and more. Let’s go on…



Who are Jason Potash and Jason Katzenback?

you can read more about the guys in my Amazon Money Machine Review as I already wrote a short bio about them there.


Tube Kaboom Review:

I just purchased the platinum package of Tube Kaboom and here’s a screen shot from the members’ area:

Tube Kaboom

Tube Kaboom is an internet based company that specializes in video related search engine optimization, social media video promotion campaigns and automatic press release site submission. This service helps entrepreneurs, business owners and even average individuals get high rankings for videos posted on YouTube by using a combination of the above mentioned methods in a professional, efficient way. Following is a comprehensive overview of how this program works, what it costs and what it provides in return.

How it Works
There are three main factors that YouTube uses to decide video rankings. These are:

1. Title, category and tags
2. How many views a video gets and how much of the video is actually watched
3. How many embeds and links the video in question has and where these embeds and links are coming from.

Most people do not need professional assistance to write a good title for a video, put their website link underneath and then add appropriate categories. A video simply needs to be given a title that is relevant to what the video is about; this title should also contain a keyword that a person is likely to search for. Tags and categories should be related to the subject of the video. Anyone who is having problems with this issue can find free advice on the subject from a lot of SEO related blogs and websites.

Tube Kaboom specializes in helping videos rank highly by focusing on getting many views, along with links and embeds from high ranking, related websites, blogs and social media sites. This is a facet of video optimization that many people cannot tackle without professional assistance.

To use the system, a person will need to first create either a standard or platinum account. There is no allowance of trying out an account for a set period of time, but the fees are paid on a monthly basis, which allows a person to sign up for just a month to see if the program is what he or she is looking for or not. After a person has created an account, he or she can then start submitting videos for optimization.

Once the videos are submitted, the link is immediately released to affiliated bloggers, webmasters and other associates. Affiliated bloggers and webmasters will then embed or link to the videos on a gradual basis so that YouTube and Google will view a video’s growing popularity as natural growth instead of spamming or black hat SEO.

At the same time, viewers employed by this program take the time to watch the videos in question several times. The videos are viewed from start to finish so that YouTube will register that people are showing more than a passing interest in the videos. In fact, Tube Kaboom guarantees that videos listed on its site will get at least 1,000 new views per month and additional views can be purchased by any member.

Standard Membership

Standard membership costs $29.95 a month. Those who purchase this form of membership can add a video per day to the site. Each video added to the site is automatically submitted to other top, relevant video directories, viewed at least 1,000 times a month and embedded and/or linked to. All embeds and links are guaranteed to come from top-notch, relevant sites so that the videos in question do not end up being associated with spam websites.

Platinum Membership

Platinum membership costs $49.95 a month and provides the above mentioned services plus some extra benefits. Platinum members are allowed to upload three videos a day instead of just one. They can also take advantage of the press release submission service that this site provides. Using this particular service, a person can write and upload up to three press releases per day; these are then automatically send to over 200 press release websites and can be used to publicize not only the video content but also any type of website or blog.

Tube Kaboom’s platinum membership services also include automatic social bookmarking links. A person can go over the link options and select which social networking sites to include in the social bookmarking campaign. This feature allows users to target a specific audience instead of sending links to people would not be interested in what the company or individual has to offer. There is also an auto backlink booster and indexer feature available for platinum members only.

What are the Pros?
There are many good reasons why a person will want to use this unique optimization service. Following are some good points to consider:

1. Google owns YouTube and so highly ranked videos on YouTube will nearly always make it to the first page of Google’s search engine listings for relevant keywords. Uploading videos to YouTube and then optimizing them is usually much cheaper and easier than trying to optimize content as there is a lot of competition in the content field.
2. YouTube gets over 800 million views per month. It is one of the most popular social media networking sites and so should be given due attention.
3. YouTube has literally billions of videos, so even high quality videos with a good title, tags and proper categorization can get lost and get relatively few views.
4. Any business owner, entrepreneur or affiliate marketer will want to do everything possible to promote his or her content. Unfortunately, buying advertising space online is not cheap, which is why many people turn to search engine optimization in the first place. Tube Kaboom offers perhaps the most affordable form of SEO and follows a simple system that is guaranteed to get results.
5. Tube Kaboom has put in place careful operational procedures so that its marketing system is not mistaken for spam. The entire optimization process takes place gradually and is done in a natural way.
6. The valuable links and ranking that a person gains from using this website last a long time. Views are there to stay and do not go down; in fact, they can only go up. Furthermore, once a video has been kick-started in this way, it will get numerous natural views and embeds from sites not affiliated with Tube Kaboom.

The Cons
No optimization firm is without its flaws and problems. While Tube Kaboom has a lot to offer, it does have some fallacies.

1. The cost is quite high. The best optimization services are only available to those who sign up for the platinum membership package, which costs about $50.00 a month. This can be a high price tag for a person who is working with a limited advertising budget.
2. In order to get additional views, a person will need to spend more money. The first 1,000 views are free, but extra views must be purchased using credits. These can only be bought by either standard or platinum members.


While there are many services that specialize in search engine optimization, Tube Kaboom is unique in that it focuses on effective video marketing and optimization, enabling a person to optimize video content that will then automatically lead to increased blog or website traffic. This site offers a fairly reasonable membership price considering the services that it provides and uses sound, tried and proven optimization strategies.

A person could technically get multiple video views without professional assistance. As was noted above, giving the video a good title and the right tags and categorization will enable a video to get a decent search engine placement over time. However, this is usually not enough for the entrepreneur or businessperson who needs an immediate, significant boost of traffic to the video and/or the website that is linked to it. Those who need good traffic right away may want to seriously consider signing up to Tube Kaboom and taking advantage of all that it has to offer.

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  1. Danny Shaw says:

    I have been looking in to trying out Tube Kaboom. Can you tell me if you get 1000 views per video uploaded ie: 90 videos = 90,000 views per month or do you only get 1000 views for any amount of videos and then have to top up? It would be cool if you could let me know.

It would be a pleasure to read your comment