xSky Software Review – Skype Marketing Automated?

Basic Info:

Product Name: xSky (Official Site)

Type: Software

Developer: Jeff Hansen

Price: $27/mo (You can get 7 days trial for $4.95)

Launch Date: July 20th, 2011

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I have came across today with a new software called xSky which seems to be unique and so I decided to do an xSky review to share the info I know with you specially those looking to buy this tool.


Who is Jeff Hansen?

Actually all I know about Jeff Hansen is that he is a 16 year old developer from Denmark. He’s not a famous name but I always find the good products to come from unknown people!!



xSky software is a Skype add-on. For those of you who use Skype marketing, what I’m going to say now will be familiar but those who never tried Skype marketing, it is actually a type of marketing depending on having many contacts on Skype and then offering them your products or whatever you wanna offer (something like Facebook friends or Twitter followers).

So, what does xSky exactly do?

xSky has many features that aim to automate the process of Skype marketing as the following:

1 – Management of your contacts easily and quickly.

2- Organizing your contacts so that you can send specific broadcasts to certain people. xSky creates new categories within your Skype and then adds contacts to groups based on the filter options.

3- You can use xSky to find new contacts on Skype which could be amazing for your sales if you use it carefully.

4- Another cool feature is that you can personalize any message you send to your contacts by addressing them by their first name which builds intimate relationship with your list.

5- You can build relative list of contacts by using the filtering contacts feature.

6- If you have some contacts in more than one category and you send the same message to these categories, xSky will not send this message to the same contact more than once.

7- xSky will never send messages to contacts till they add you, so you are safe with Skype legal conditions.

8- One of the most important things in my opinion is that Jeff Hansen is the programmer and at the same time the owner of xSky unlike many other software which the owner hires a programmer to develop it for him then go away and the result is after some time that software becomes inactive.

These are some of the features of xSky software which is really cool for those using Skype to build lists for their business.

According to the xSky team, this add-on has been approved by Skype however still some guidelines you need to follow when using xSky to avoid being a spammer. Also, it’s advised to make a back-up for your contacts every now and then so that if your account is banned you don’t lose your contacts. Watch this video (I’m not the creator of it of course):


xSky software is a Skype add-on that allows you to automate Skype marketing process so you can say xSky for Skype marketing is like Aweber for email marketing (With the advantage that your emails will not end in the junk folder). It will help you find more contacts, organize groups, add contacts to groups, send broadcasts to members of a group with personalization and some more features so if you use this tool carefully, it can help you to build huge lists similar to mailing lists (always put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and see if what you are sending will be a spam for you or not).

If you find this xSky review useful, you can visit xSky official site by Clicking this link..


  1. I installed Xsky on my laptop and now it is screwed up….Thanks Jeff!

    • I know people using it with no problems. It could be a personal issue, just contact support and I’m sure they will fix it for you.

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